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If your dentures don't fit anymore or have some missing teeth, you need a denture reline to make them fit and look good again. Denture relining is the best option if you have weak or damaged teeth that cannot be used as anchors to retain your dentures. If you have natural teeth, the dentist will use them as anchors to retain your dentures, but if you have lost your natural teeth, there are several ways in which the dentist can anchor your dentures.

What causes dentures to loosen?

Dentures are created using a lifelike wax model of your mouth, cast in durable plastic, and put into your mouth. After a period, you will notice your dentures may become loose. This is caused by normal wear and tear on both dentures and gums that is not uncommon after fitting a new set of dentures. If you can fit more than one finger between your gums and denture, it's time for relining!

There are several reasons dentures loosen over time. One is gum recession, which causes your gums to become soft and sometimes recede. Your denture also can lose its shape or fit gradually as you bite down on it. Dentures need constant adjustment and daily maintenance; if you neglect them, they will not fit correctly and fall out. We ensure that it will return to its proper fit by relining your denture.

What does denture reline entail?

Dentures are not necessarily a throwaway item. With proper care, they can last years and even decades. The key is knowing when it's time for a repair or replacement and getting in touch with your dental professional as soon as possible. There are many benefits, including improving your speech, giving you a better fit, and reducing jaw pain.

When dentures need to be relined, a dentist will remove them and then reshape them to fit your mouth more comfortably. This is done using various materials, including castable rubber and acrylic. The dentist will then use multiple instruments like scalpels and files to reshape your denture according to your mouth's unique dimensions. Once it fits perfectly, it can be placed back in your mouth. To prevent further damage, you should wear your dentures as much as possible during reline to help ensure they won't have to be replaced before their time.

How often do dentures need to reline?

Dental professionals agree that dentures should be relined about every year or two. And with any appliance, whether it's a pair of shoes or dentures, wear and tear will happen more quickly if you are not taking care of them properly. If you can't remember when your last denture reline was, it's likely time for another one!

You can do several things at home that will help extend your dentures' life. When you take out your dentures before bed, rinse them with water and leave them off until morning. This gives any leftover food particles a chance to dislodge from their posts. Finally, avoid biting on hard or sharp foods like apples and corn kernels, which can damage both dentures and natural teeth alike!

Ask your dentist

If you wear dentures then you should certainly know how to care for them. If you don't, then you should reach out to your dentist for more information. Proper care will ensure that your dentures last much longer. 

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